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O taste and see that the LORD is good,

Psalm 34:8

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Chayah Foods, a small boutique enterprise with a heart for all things exotic, was born from an idea to make children’s cuisine colourful, fun and healthy with all-natural, organic ingredients and colourants.

Our journey on the search for the perfect blue hue, led us to a beautiful farming company in Germany growing and manufacturing the most unbelievable products.

Ranging from special teas to lift your mood to wonderful colour changing natural compounds to bring life to any dish or drink, we immediately appreciated the potential. Realising that the market has been untouched by anything like it, we took a leap of faith and decided to bring these brilliantly healthy and amazing products to South Africa, directly from the farm.

Our excitement knows no bounds and we invite you to join us in the exploration of a brand new world of natural food colouring with countless healthier food options for the whole family!

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